Due to various resourcing and risk mitigation reasons - the development of the Armstone robot, although part of my PhD, was fully financed by me. As the PhD is drawing to a close, I am trying to recover the costs of development. Thus I’m selling the robot! Whole or in parts. Of course, the best outcome is if anyone is doing research in continuous precesses (e.g. 3D printing) done via mobile manipulators -Armstone provides a comfortable research platform at a very low cost. However, I’m also open to selling only the xArm and/or mobile base etc. Just reach out - and let’s discuss.

Some in-action Videos:

Here is a rough list of what is for sale. The rough price range I am after is about £12k for the entire robot, spare parts etc. Please reach out for a more detailed list and how the sale can happen.

  • xArm 6-DoF Manipulator. Current market price ($8,399.00 excluding customs)
    • Full details: here
    • Summary: 5Kg Payload, 720mm reach, 24v input
    • Additional Info:
      • I have both DC and AC control boxes
  • Stoneflower3D v3 Extruder
    • Full details: here
    • Included a spare set of nozzles and auger screw. The rest of the deposition system
  • Custom Holonomic Base:
  • Bonus!
    • Spare parts for various components, especially the pressure system.
    • 10x Reflective Optitrack markers !
    • Realsense L515 sensor
    • 5Kg of paperclay porcelain
    • Spare network switch switchblox
  • Software:
    • Robot Drivers are already hosted publically. The repository follows the basic conventions of ROS1. Any experienced ROS user should have no problem running the robot. I’ll happily spend some time documenting and/or training on the repo.
    • Mobile 3D Printing Software:
      • If you are interested in using any of my code associated with publications 1 and 2. Let me know I am happy to share it. However, note, that the predictive control code is not safe to use for non experienced operators and without a good understanding of the control mechanism.
    • I will try to accommodate reasonable requests for preparing software handover etc.

Reach out to me on linkedin or Email!